My Vision

I founded my practice to assist individuals and families who are facing challenges and are ready for new perspectives that honor both individual uniqueness and interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes small adjustments – in parenting strategies, school or employment settings, or personal attitudes or habits – make a big difference in how people feel, behave, and interact.  Other times a major overhaul in approach or setting is needed – a change in school setting, a foundationally different approach to the challenge being faced, or a new set of social or emotional skills to be developed in children or adults (including parents!).

Thus, in addition to working with clients to identify and deal with specific symptoms (e.g., depression, anxiety, or inattention), I often see families for whom, generally, the “standard approach” to parenting, family building, school, or relationships has not worked out.  Perhaps a different approach is needed because a child does not fit the “standard model” (e.g., in temperament, intellectual ability, or world view), or because the parents have different values or goals than the mainstream (e.g., pursuing attachment parenting; wanting both structure and warmth in their home).  I also work with adolescents and adults who want “more” out of life – more connection, more authenticity, more effectiveness, or more peace.

In 2014, I moved my practice to White Bear Lake and opened The Cottonwood Center to give my clients a place for exploring, connecting, and growing.

1245 Gun Club Road, White Bear Lake, MN 55110