I am a clinical psychologist working with children, families, and individual adults at The Cottonwood Center in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. I strive to collaborate with my clients to find new perspectives and strategies for thriving when challenged. In addition to working with people on a wide range of emotional, relationship, and behavioral concerns, I offer some particular specialties. I work often with people, both children and adults, who are:

  • “Gifted and talented” or “high potential learners”
  • Intense, sensitive, energetic, and/or creative
  • On the autism spectrum or living with children or partners on the spectrum
  • Challenged by executive functioning differences, including those labeled attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or “absent-minded professors”

I provide therapy, consultation, coaching, assessment/testing, and educational seminars on these and other issues.

For questions about services, or to set up an appointment, please call 651-756-9250. To learn more about The Cottonwood Center, click here.

MaryWandrei November 2013

1245 Gun Club Road, White Bear Lake, MN 55110